Edge to Edge Machine Quilting 

Effective May 1, 2015 Edge to Edge machine quilting services are provided at a cost of 1.75 cents per square inch using a pantograph. I have approximately 30 different pantograph designs to choose from.

To calculate the cost of edge to edge machine quilting for your quilt, multiply the length (in inches) by the width (in inches), then multiply that number by .0175.

For example, a quilt measuring 100 inches long by 85 inches wide quilted edge to edge with one pantograph will cost $148.75.

A. 100 x 85 = 8500

B. 8500 x .0175= $148.75

Preparing Your Quilt for Quilting

It is very important to carefully prepare your quilt top and backing for the quilting process.  Please see the Prep Checklist tab for a detailed list of instructions.

Custom Machine Quilting

Custom Quilting includes specialized quilting in each block, the sashing, and border.  Fees are based on desired work.


If requested, I can machine finish bindings with fabric you provide.  Prices begin at $25.00 per quilt.