Prep Checklist

Checklist For Preparing Your Quilt Top and Backing Fabric For Professional Quilting

  1. The backing and batting need to be at least four inches larger than the quilt top on all sides.  Once you measure your quilt top in length and width add at least 8 inches to both the length and width of your batting and backing.
  2. If you need to piece your backing take note of the salvage and avoid including the salvages in the seam allowance.   Use ½ inch seam allowance when piecing your backing.  It is best to press the seam open.
  3. Be sure that all your quilt top seams are stitched securely.  If you have pieced borders make sure that the seams re secure to the edges.
  4. Be sure to press the seams of your quilt top.  Pressing helps to check the security of your seams.
  5. Check the back of your quilt top for any loose threads.  Dark loose threads can be very noticeable if they stray under an adjacent light fabric.
  6. The top, batting, and backing need to be three separate pieces.  Do not layer, baste, or pin the three items together.   Remove any pins or temporary stitches.